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A 41 year old, mum of 2, working full time - I’m no different to the average population. This is why I feel it so important to share my story.

I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years and always been active. However, in 2018 I set myself a personal goal. A simple goal which found me ending 2018 as the DFAC World Champion Natural Bodybuilder. A title which seemed way out of reach when I started my journey, but one which now proves just what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

With the right support and encouragement, you are capable of more than you could ever dream of.

Welcome to Faye Bodyfit.

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Support comes in many forms. Check out our services to see how we could work together to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track.

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About Me

Everyone has a story and if it helps others on their journey I believe it should be shared. Check out my story.

My story

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Maintaining an exercise and nutrition plan isn't easy. We all experience distractions and temptation along the way which make it difficult to stick to our plan - after all, we're only human! Self motivation does not come easy to many of us, so why not take advantage of the community around you and use eachother to motivate and support our goals...


Whether you are looking for a regular trainer or occasional support and guidance, Faye Bodyfit offers a range of face-to-face and online services for both individual and small groups. Pick and choose from our range of services to find a plan to suit you and your budget. Contact us for more details and prices.

How I Can Support You

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Accountability & Support
  • Fitness Testing & Body Analysis

Health, Habits & Happiness Programme

Better Habits + Better Health + Increased Happiness = An extraordinary life

We believe, as do many others, that if you win the morning, you win the day.

Have you ever wondered why some people get up stressed, unhappy and just 'survive' the day, whilst others bounce out of bed with a smile on their face embracing what lies ahead?

One of those groups own their morning, the other doesn't. We'll let you decide which is which.

What You Get

  • 60 Day H3 Programme Journal
  • Lifetime access to our online H3 community
  • A bottle of our award-winning superfood, MOA
  • Full support throughout the programme

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Other simple downloadable files to help you plan and monitor your health and wellness journey.

Food Diary Template
Exercise Diary Template


Small Goals Challenge
Self Care Challenge

My Story

As a mum of two and working full time, my circumstances were no different to many. In 2018 I decided to take some well deserved time to concentrate on me and set myself a simple exercise goal. This turned out to be just the beginning of what became a whirlwind year...

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